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App Review: 2048

The 2048 Game
The 2048 Game
There are a couple of popular games out there at the moment that involve sliding numbered tiles around. One is Asher Vollmer’s ‘Three’s’, another is ‘2048,‘ by Gabriele Cirulli. Click that link and you can play it in your web browser. These type of games are ideal for the screen and touch interface of the modern smartphone. On the forums of webOS Nation, member juerg.riehen asked if anyone was able to port the open-source code into a webOS app. That was the 6th of April. Within two days, webOS mapping expert 72ka (aka Jan Heman) responded to the challenge. It’s in Preware, now. You can go and get it, but we don’t get much chance to review new, trendy games on pivotCE, so stick around for a quick read:

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Android chroot

Android in a card!
Android screen grab: Nikolay Nizov

Root is the base level directory on a Linux system. webOS is at base, a Linux system. All branches of the file system and therefore the whole system stem from the root. Android is also a Linux based system that runs from a root directory. There is a technique known as chroot (change root) that enables you to run a second system within another by creating a subsystem in which the secondary system appears to have the root directory.

If you pay much attention to the shifts and changes in the mobile phone market, you will be aware that over the past couple of years there has been increasing consolidation. These days the market is dominated by Apple’s iphone and most of all, by the many models running the Android operating system. This system – at least in its basic form is open source software. Naturally, many developers therefore take advantage of this ‘off the shelf’ operating system. New entrants and existing challengers in the market have tried to leverage Android and specifically, it’s large app catalogue to gain an advantage. This includes Blackberry, Jolla (sailfishOS) and there are reports that even Microsoft are considering a means to run Android apps on Windows phone. There are also projects that offer existing Android users the opportunity to install a customised version. The most notable of these is Cyanogenmod, which can now be installed on a wide range of hardware.

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ACL Release – Part 2

ACL for webOS is back! The first release having been pulled back in December, issues around GPL code have hopefully now been resolved and release number 1.2.0 is available for Kickstarter backers and those who pre-ordered.

You should note that PIC advise doctoring your Touchpad prior to install, so having downloaded and secured the precious package, you might want to hold off and backup your device properly before proceeding to doctor and install your new toy.

It seems a full public release has not yet happened, but you can expect a review soon here on pivotCE. Check the new thread for this release on the webOS Nation forum or tell us your experiences in the comments below.

webOS meet up: San Francisco

With the recent news around webOS, it appears there has also been a slight resurgence of interest from the community in meeting each other – you know, in the actual flesh!

The webOS user is, perhaps always was, a rare creature. Spotting one is tough. A group together? Get out your video camera and record their strange rituals for posterity!

Recently, there were proposed meet ups in New York City & Chicago (details are frustratingly sparse). Our own esteemed editor, Alan Morford is drumming up interest for a meeting near Springfield, VA. Date TBC.

But for now, your best bet to catch those elusive webOS creatures grazing at the waterhole is near where webOS was created: San Francisco. If you live, work or are visiting the area, February the 4th is a day to enter into your calendar app. Timed to coincide with Apps world (There is talk of free passes), this is your chance to meet some of the people who actually develop the very system you are using! Here’s the link: post-CES/post-2014 Wrap-up! – webOS Meetup: SF Bay Area (San Francisco, CA) – Meetup. Bean Bird’s attendance is currently unconfirmed.

If you are organising or know of any webOS related events, pivotCE is interested to spread the word. Let us know!