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The Ultimate Bypass Activation Tool


In this post-Palm/HP-servers-webOS-world it’s necessary to have all of the tools to keep our devices alive. Most of us still around on the webOS Nation forums are well equipped with tools like OpenSSL and a multitude of patches that reestablish dead synergies and apps alike.

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UPDATE App: Certificate Grabber

certUPDATE: Matt has continued to update his Cert Grabber app and with the latest 0.5.5 release, the app now automates the download, removal of old certs, and installation of the new certs with just a touch of the download button!

Everyone’s favorite “GMail on webOS fixer”, Grabber5.0 (Matt), is at it again. If you’ve been following along, that dumb yellow triangle keeps popping up for GMail users on webOS. There’s a fix for it but it was pretty manual until now.

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