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UPDATE App: Certificate Grabber

certUPDATE: Matt has continued to update his Cert Grabber app and with the latest 0.5.5 release, the app now automates the download, removal of old certs, and installation of the new certs with just a touch of the download button!

Everyone’s favorite “GMail on webOS fixer”, Grabber5.0 (Matt), is at it again. If you’ve been following along, that dumb yellow triangle keeps popping up for GMail users on webOS. There’s a fix for it but it was pretty manual until now.

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UPDATE Guide: Getting Around the Yellow Gmail Triangle of Death

exclamation_alertUPDATE: Grabber5.0 has fixed GMail in the same manner that Yahoo was fixed. Check the forum post for the 3 certificate files you need. You can ignore pretty much everything about forwarding emails below but I’ll leave it there in case someone wants to know how to do that.

Grab the zip from the above linked post, unzip the 3 .pem files, transfer them to the webOS device, and open each one by one and accept the certificate. Refresh your GMail account in the Email app and BOOM. FIXED! YAY!

I’ve had it. Break YouTube and we’ll fix it, kill Skype and we’ll throw a fit and get it turned back on, but take GMail away? SERIOUSLY? It’s a deal breaker. I’ve had the same email address for over a decade. If it doesn’t work on webOS then I quite honestly cannot live without it. YES THE MOBILE VIEW WORKS but who else here is sick of a browser workaround (ie. Facebook)?? I mean, the browser isn’t exactly winning awards for innovating technology these days, amirite?

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