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LuneOS June Stable Release: Café Cubano

We’re very pleased to present you our latest monthly stable release, Café Cubano or “Cubano” in short.

The key highlights for this month are the virtual keyboard & bug fixes! We’ve been focusing heavily on the virtual keyboard after last month’s orientation support implementation.

The old keyboard had been bugging us and our users for quite some time already, so we decided to get started. We have taken webOS 3.0.5, LunaCE and Open webOS virtual keyboards as inspiration.

For tablet layouts we have now done the following:

  • Added an additional row with numbers.
  • Added a trackball like in LunaCE.
  • Added support for multiple keyboard sizes (XS, S, M and L).
  • Added alternate keys while long pressing a key (indicated by …) so you can get é ë è etc while holding e.
  • A large number of UI tweaks to make it look very similar to the legacy webOS 3.0.x virtual keyboard.

For phone layouts we have done the following:

  • Created a complete new layout inspired by the virtual keyboards as it was included in Open webOS and featured on webOSNation.

This is currently only available for the English keyboard layout. We will work on the layouts for the other languages in the near future, as well as further fine tuning of the various keyboard layouts and features!

We also have been reworking the update mechanism to allow updating nightly releases.

Grab your Nexus 4, HP TouchPad, Nexus 7 (2012 WiFi) or emulator and load up our latest builds!

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