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LuneOS February Stable Release: Americano

We’ve made significant progress this month and we have been able to fix a lot of outstanding bugs. We do our best to get a new release out near the first of every month. The 1st was in a weekend this month so there was a little delay, but we proudly present our latest release: Caffè Americano or Americano in short.

We concentrated a lot on bug fixing for Americano, but we still have some known bugs left. Mainly we have a critical memory leak on the Touchpad which isn’t fixed yet. With every closed card we lose about 80 MB of memory. We know now where this is coming from and are working on a fix.

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Next LuneOS Stable Release Available: Black Tie

Black Tie is a traditional Thai iced tea with a good bit of spice for kick. Today’s Black Tie LuneOS release has the traditional look and feel of webOS with a good dose of modern software technology for a kick!

We try to get the releases out on the first of each month but we had some pretty big hiccups to overcome this time. Sorry for the delay but hey, all good things to those who wait, right? Besides, we don’t do timelines anyway! Read on for what changed and for the links, of course. 🙂

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Next LuneOS stable release available: Antoccino

Without further delay, you can find the newest LuneOS stable builds here.  This release is code-named Antoccino and is the second stable release following our initial release named Affogato. Yes, there are other devices in the build folder which are available, however, the Nexus 4 and HP TouchPad are still the only two devices officially supported at this time. Test the other builds AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Please note that the installation instructions for the TouchPad have changed.  You must recreate the partition LuneOS requires for installation. We recommend using the webOS app, Tailor, because it is the easiest method. This is in preparation for a forthcoming semi-automated installation procedure. We’ll discuss those details when the product is ready for testing but for now just follow the guide.

We’ve made quite a few changes and will release the full changelog soon you can read the major ones here.

As a reminder, there are three things we need and want from you as a tester:

1. Sign up for the bug tracker

2. Get involved and

3. Join the mailing list

Don’t forget to contact us with any questions and feel free to join the discussion on the webOS Nation forums. Also, continue spreading the word!