Rare webOS Devices, Episode 2

In the beginning, there was a Treo XXX. No, not a hardcore Treo. It was a prototype Treo 800. Palm employees called it Zeppelin (CDMA) and Floyd (GSM) or Zepfloyd for short. It was the canvas for a pre-webOS operating system with a UI dubbed Prima. Prima wasn’t good and was scrapped for Luna and webOS was born.

Gestures were a great idea and so was the pebble-like shape. But hardware for webOS didn’t exist. With Luna running terribly on the Treo 800 the Pre design started to come together. The first webOS device, code-named Castle, was brought to fruition. But the device you’ll see below isn’t exactly the Sprint Pre we all met in 2009. There’s no gesture area to speak of and the OS while it looks like webOS, wasn’t named yet officially. But it IS webOS in all of its pre-1.0 glory.

I introduce to you, the Floyd and the Castle. The first webOS devices.