LuneOS on more devices!

These are exciting times for LuneOS. Following the news that Open webOS was running on a router, more device news has popped up on twitter.

It’s early days. Touch doesn’t work yet, but it’s an encouraging development. This is not the first attempt to port webOS to the Raspberry Pi – a miniature computer for education & hobbyist projects (That’s the official touch display accessory in the picture). Previous efforts halted due to lack of Qt5 on the Pi; A situation since rectified. We’ll keep up with development. The nature of this device could attract new developers from the RPi community.

The Galaxy Nexus was one of the first devices targeted by webOS Ports, but was not maintained as attention and limited volunteer time shifted to the newer Nexus 4. Fresh interested has prompted some work and the GNex branch has been brought up to speed.

Some interesting threads on these devices:
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