woes: feeds/site down as domain slips away

Having trouble accessing Preware feeds in either Preware or WOSQI today?  Tried getting to and failed?  Well, you’re not alone.  Read on for the details.

UPDATE – Rod Whitby chimed in on the discussion (linked below). He confirmed the domain was newly expired and taken over. The webOS Internals team is contacting the individual for their demands but mentioned they also purchased to use as a backup if need be. Preware will be updated as well to reflect to domain change. He did offer a temporary solution for Edit your local DNS to point it to the IP

pivotCE reached out to the webOS Internals team today on Twitter for answers.  It seems the sysadmin team has been alerted.  As for the course of action they’ll take, I’m not sure.  But while we all wait, have a look at your favorite “whois” site for the likely culprit. Don’t have one?  I did the hard work for you.

whois1whois2Simply put, someone snatched the domain.  See the “whois” result from

What does this mean for feed access?  Well, it’s hard to tell for the moment but for now we’ll just have to wait and see.  Hopefully some type of temporary solution can be put in place soon.

This has put the fear into some people (me included). You may remember when the webOS patches portal was hacked and permanently closed.  Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself.  Speculation would say it won’t because LuneOS will be using the same feeds for Preware2.

Folks are discussing this topic over at webOS Nation.  Feel free to chime in.

On a personal note, to the person who seems to have snatched the domain, not cool.  Seriously.  Not cool.


7 thoughts on “ woes: feeds/site down as domain slips away”

  1. Well… there is ‘snatching’ and there is ‘allowing to lapse’.

    Takes two to Tango! 😉

    I am sure we will have our Preware Feeds restored one way or the other asap!


  2. There’s nothing like being tied to a dying technology. I am one of the last people on earth to acquire a cell phone and decided to go with Page Plus and a $25 Palm Pixi. Great, now I have a cell phone and texting comes in real handy for work. So I am at work and needed to find square roots for stair layout and come to find that the calculator in the Pixi doesn’t do square roots. That led me on search for one that would. That led me down a long twisted path to the HP App Catalog upgrade some other places I already forgot to get other stuff to make other stuff work and now here here to get that latest version of WOSQI which I thought I had when I downloaded earlier today from the developers site so I could download Preware and God knows what else so I can backup my Pixi webOS data to my harddrive because HP is pulling the plug on webOS and I would cry hot bloody tears if I lost my square root calculator if I ever had to change the battery. Your version managed to access Preware and the other apps so thanks… whew!

    Long story

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