When Innovation at HP stops

Bernd Bischoff, Source: Fujitsu Siemens Computers
Bernd Bischoff, Source: Fujitsu Siemens Computers

In an interview with UK Technology news website The Register, Bernd Bischoff, a former HP European VP general manager of commercial channels, divulges on the HP that could have been, were it not for too many mistakes. Although Bernd Bischoff’s time at HP ended before the Palm acquisition, his 33 year professional career in the IT industry has earned him recognition as an expert in the field. In his analysis, Bischoff struggles to see how HP could turn itself around: “They’ve made too many mistakes in the last few years.”

In mobile he said, it had blown its chance to build a business around Palm. “They bought it for a lot of money and then did nothing. But now it’s too late.”

Interestingly, Bernd Bischoff credits the start of the long running ailment of HP not with Apotheker, but to Mark Hurd.

“[Carly] Fiorina had other problems, she didn’t stop innovation. That was Hurd. He was the cost-cutting guy which was maybe good for one or two years. But you cannot do that for longer.”

For the full interview, you can read the original article here on The Register.

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