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LuneOS Cafe Cubano: An In-Depth Look

It’s pretty hard to believe that it’s only been three months since HP pulled the plug on official support on webOS and shut down its cloud services. Yet with the arrival of August, the loyal base of webOS developers and enthusiasts who have stuck around will likely be seeing the ninth stable release of LuneOS in the very near future.

Despite having been churning out stable builds for less than a year, the webOS Ports team’s LuneOS is already proving to be a very capable candidate to fill the void left behind by webOS. Read on past the jump, and we’ll examine how the latest LuneOS, Cafe Cubano, measures up to its predecessor.

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webOS Ports: Help Wanted

The webOS community may be a bit smaller these days but it’s no less devoted to the platform. And it’s that community that is rallying behind us here at webOS Ports.  Thanks to your direct support, our team has grown from just 5 members at release to over 12 with more on the way. As you can imagine, leading up to the initial release the team was a bit overwhelmed with the details of creating an entire operating system.  Now that we have a few more folks directly developing for LuneOS, things are starting to come together. But we still need your help.

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LuneOS receives praise from LWN.net

linuxmemeAlright, let’s be honest. If you’re a webOS user in 2014 you have to understand how to use patches, occasionally use webOS Quick Install‘s Linux Commandline, and may have even built your own custom webOS doctor using webOS Internalsmeta-doctor.

The tutorials can be complex for some of the fixes webOS users have to make but a basic understanding of Linux can really help.  Especially since webOS is built upon Linux!  If you already knew that then you might also know about LWN.net.  Essentially, if you want to know anything and everything worth mentioning within the world of Linux then you’ll get yourself over to LWN.net for the news. And the fine folks over there just did a very nice write-up on LuneOS!

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