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LuneOS Update for November


You can’t win them all, folks! We won’t have a November stable release of LuneOS because we’ve always been about quality and not forcing made-up timelines to satisfy feelings.

BUT we do have nightlies still coming. The latest of which are available for Grouper (Nexus 7), Maguro (Galaxy Nexus), Mako (Nexus 4), emulator, and Tenderloin (HP TouchPad). Don’t forget the latest uImage for TouchPad.

So what’s new? First off, we have a new supported device! Well, ok so it’s an old supported device that has been brought back to life. The Galaxy Nexus! Also, the RaspBerry Pi 2 port will be most likely an official target shortly. We just need to work out logistics on our build server. More to come there.

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