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How-to: Meta-Doctor – No Makefile editing

metadoctorHave you ever browsed around the webOS Nation Forums and read about people installing webOS 2.1.0 on their Sprint Pres?  How about installing webOS 2.2.4 on their Pre 2s?  Or mashing together a Sprint Pre 2 with either of the above?  Besides the hardware part of a Sprint Pre 2, this is all done via webOS InternalsMeta-Doctor.  This isn’t the latest news in the world of webOS, of course.  However, since the original “how-to” over at webOS Internals is a bit dated I thought it fitting to provide a step-by-step to get it to work for you!  If you’ve always meant to do it but never gotten around to it, dust off that Pre, pull out your USB cable, and read on!

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