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LuneOS receives praise from LWN.net

linuxmemeAlright, let’s be honest. If you’re a webOS user in 2014 you have to understand how to use patches, occasionally use webOS Quick Install‘s Linux Commandline, and may have even built your own custom webOS doctor using webOS Internalsmeta-doctor.

The tutorials can be complex for some of the fixes webOS users have to make but a basic understanding of Linux can really help.  Especially since webOS is built upon Linux!  If you already knew that then you might also know about LWN.net.  Essentially, if you want to know anything and everything worth mentioning within the world of Linux then you’ll get yourself over to LWN.net for the news. And the fine folks over there just did a very nice write-up on LuneOS!

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Official Release of LuneOS and Project Updates

blue-white-sphere-text_1It’s been a long while since we announced our Alpha 2 release back in June of 2013, but today after months of very hard work the webOS Ports team are very proud and happy to provide our latest release to the community now named “LuneOS”.

The first eye catching change is the new name we’ll be using for our project going forward. The distribution will be called “LuneOS” instead of “WebOS Ports Open webOS” because it wasn’t very catchy and we felt it important to specify we are separate from Open webOS which is it’s own project from HP and now LG. Lune is the French translation of moon and refers to the user interface we all love so much in legacy webOS, LunaSysMgr, which is named after the Latin/Spanish translation of moon.

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UPDATE: webOS Ports surprises with TouchPad port, name/logo change, Nexus 4

blue-white-sphere-text_1UPDATE:  This article is intended to bring cutting edge news of the latest goodies from webOS Ports. It caused quite the stir among some of the more webOS faithful out there. Please understand, my generalizations and assumptions are my perception of some handed down information.  Any related weeping and gnashing of teeth should be kept to a minimum.

Yes, you read that right.  There’s a TouchPad “port” of Open webOS coming that shows promise in booting the kernel from the webOS Ports Team (specifically – one of it’s developers).  A quick look at the team’s github page reveals a surprise tenderloin addition. This is nothing to get hopes up about just yet but like all possibilities that webOS fans have to keep our devices around, this one in particular induces quite the salivatory response.  But that’s not all.  They have a new logo, name, and have apparently been testing out the latest builds on the Nexus 4. The team has been a veritable bee-hive of busy bees.

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