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Introduction to Enyo, Minneapolis, 2nd May.

Enyo logo
Image: Enyojs.com

Enyo is the cross-platform, javascript framework that enables apps to be developed for most major platforms including webOS phones, tablets and televisions.

Are you interested in Enyo development? If you are in the Minneapolis area on Friday the second of May, why not spend your evening with fellow developers at an free introduction to Enyo course?

The event is being presented by Derek Anderson and runs from 7pm to 8.30pm. All levels of experience are welcome. More information is here, where you can sign up.

Free Pizza for Enyo Developers

There is another meet up in San Francisco. If you are an Enyo developer and in the area on the 26th of March, you can join in! The venue is the LG Silicon Valley Lab. There is pizza on offer courtesy of Enda McGrath, Director of Developer Relations. To me, that sounds like pizza, a chance to play with those new, big, webOS TVs & of course, learning more about Enyo from the experts that built it.

If you can’t make the date or are too far away, the Enyo team are willing to help you organise your own meet ups (according to Twitter).

I’d write more, but I have a sudden urge to visit my local Italian restaurant. Here is your link: Let’s talk about Enyo and share some pizza.

I don’t care about webOS on TVs

I’ve really been struggling about how to cover LG webOS and their SmartTV news lately. pivotCE isn’t my personal blog so I want to make sure that what I cover aligns with what webOS fans are eager to read about. And while I want to write about webOS, I haven’t been able to bring myself to draft up the news about LG and their TVs.  It’s taken me this long to even sit down and put my thoughts together.

LG recently showcased their version of webOS running on TVs at AppsWorld in San Francisco. They hosted several talks on Enyo and app development for their new flagship SmartTV OS. All well and good, yeah? I mean, I love Enyo and am very appreciative of LG giving webOS a chance, so why have I been in such a funk?  Then it hit me…I don’t care about webOS on TVs.  

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Former HP CTO weighs in on LG’s webOS TV

pivotCE reached out to former HP CTO, Phil McKinney, for his thoughts on LG’s implementation of webOS for their new line of TVs.  As you may remember, Phil was on the HP board of directors and was pivotal to HP’s Palm acquisition.  He has since retired from HP and is now the President and CEO of CableLabs.  He just happens to be attending CES 2014 and had a chance to answer our inquiry with a hands-on look.  Here’s what he had to say about the rebirth of the webOS platform:

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webOS at the CES 2014

A big webOS logo at CES 2014
Image: LG Electronics

You may have seen some excitement on the internet about LG’s launch of the webOS TV. We have waited a year and we learned we’d see it in San Francisco in February.  Well thanks to CES 2014 we got to see it a month early.  pivotCE is learning everything as quickly as we can about LG webOS and while we can’t offer new information, here are our first thoughts after LG’s press conference at CES today.   Continue reading webOS at the CES 2014