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C+Dav Synergy Connector Updated for webOS

webOS Synergy Accounts
webOS Synergy Accounts

webOS Nation’s forums user and webOS Ports team member, Garfonso, has updated the C+Dav Synergy Connector for webOS to version 0.3.31.

CalDav and CardDav are now the standards with the broadest server support for syncing calendars and contacts. And thanks to his and webOS Ports’ efforts it works for legacy webOS AND LuneOS too.

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Use CalDAV to maintain Google Calendar sync

Some applications or apps function entirely on your device. Some interact with remote services or applications across the internet to gain additional features, others are simply mobile facades for remote services.

For apps to work with these services, they need to send information or make requests for data in a form the remote service can work with. This communication is therefore governed by what is known as a web “Application Programming Interface” or API for short.

You may be syncing with Google’s calendar service using the webOS calendar app. Google is due to change the API that governs this process. They will move to version 3 on the 17th of this month. For your webOS device to continue to synchronise with the calendar, it needs an update!
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