Skype finally axed for webOS

It’s over.  Skype is dead for webOS.  We reported on the likely eventual death of this many many many times. But this time, it’s for real.

It worked in early June of this year but not long after I got another message from Skype.

But 12 days later it still worked.

But by working I only meant that legacy clients like ours and to include Android, Linux, and Apple clients that used their older protocol could still talk to each other but not with the newer clients.

Then in the middle of August, webOS forum user, mazzinia, noted the connect and disconnect issue.  I only noticed it in September…

You can see some rather confusing entries in LumberJack when trying to login.  It doesn’t amount to any good sadly.

If you have a Skype account already added to webOS then your log will look something like this but for those that don’t have a Skype account added to Synergy then you won’t be able to add it anymore.

Farewell, Skype for webOS.