UPDATE: webOS Internals/Ports Sites (were) Offline

UPDATE: They’re back! That was fast!

If you’ve been incessantly hitting refresh on your web browser trying to get webos-ports.org and/or webos-internals.org to load, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, they may not come back online any time soon.

This is the WOSI server as Internals calls it. The first server donated by HP.
This is the WOSI server as Internals calls it. The first server donated by HP.

The sites are hosted on the same server. Surprised? Well, if you think about it, webOS Internals spawned webOS Ports. In fact, the earliest members of Ports came from the Internals team. That’s the server pictured to the right. HP donated it.

The admin (yes, there’s only one left) was notified that the web server had been reported to be attacking other servers. Not good. You may remember when the patch portal was hacked. With little time and the position only one person deep, the solution was to take the patch portal down. It was a sad day but rest assured, this take down should only be temporary though the reason for taking it down is similar.

The data is still there! The server is literally off. The web server is off but the server itself is still on. If you were using webOS Internals’ doctor page just point your browser to palm.si instead.

The good news is the LuneOS testing and stable builds site is still there as it’s not hosted on the same web server. 😀

You can help

webOS Ports is looking for volunteers still and has been looking for more web admins for a while. Are you interested? Contact them via Twitter @webosports on IRC: Freenode:#webos-ports or email webos.ports@gmail.com.


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