LG outs webOS watch: Urbane LTE

LG Urbane LTEC|Net scooped us all with the news that LG is about to release the Urbane LTE webOS smartwatch this year.  But this isn’t the webOS watch we saw at CES. It’s the cousin of the LG Urbane which runs Android Wear.

Audi webOS WatchThe watch will likely be shown at Mobile World Congress 2015 which is set to start in Barcelona on the 2nd of March and runs through the 5th.

LG is trying their hand at being a first in the smartwatch industry by making the Urbane LTE not only the first webOS mobile device released since 2011 but also the first smartwatch to have LTE connectivity.


The watch also has a larger battery than the LG G Watch R, NFC, a whole host of sensors, and GPS. Other features include VoLTE so you can talk to your watch…if you’re into that sort of thing…to communicate with others and not use a phone at all.


So I ask you, is this a smartphone in watch form? And how far behind can a webOS smartphone be?

“Suave”, “courteous”, and “refined in manner” defines urbane.  Is that the feeling I’ll have when I buy the first smartwatch powered by webOS and LG?  Maybe.  Will I care?  I doubt it.  I think I’ll likely feel “holycrapI’mwearingawebOSwatch!!!!!!1!

LG has made no mention of dropping support for Android use and who can blame them? Time will tell what their plans are.  For now, who’s excited about the LG webOS smartwatch “Urbane LTE”? Chime in on the conversation.


Images: The Verge, Le Blow