Remembering our Friend: OldSkoolVWLover

Josh on the right and his wife, Sarah on the left

A little over a week ago, the Mobile Nations community lost a long-time forum member and moderator known to us as OldSkoolVWLover. His real name was Josh. He passed away on the 7th of December, 2014 at the all too early age of 33.

Those of us that interacted with him via either Crackberry or webOS Nation know that he was patient, helpful, and insightful. The quality of a web-forum, populated by far-flung and semi-anonymous commenters, can reasonably be said to be indicative of the efforts of its moderators. The forums of webOS Nation and Crackberry have been noted for their friendly welcome and expertise. We owe many thanks to Josh’s contributions over the years.

joshIt was his love of PalmOS devices and their webOS successors that brought him to eventually moderate the forums of webOS Nation. After the webOS platform began to rock from the decisions made at HP, Josh moved on to Blackberry devices and across the Mobile Nations to moderate at Crackberry. Both forums have threads paying tribute to him. Feel free to pay your respects at webOS Nation and/or Crackberry.

Josh leaves behind his lovely wife Sarah and beloved dogs. A few months ago he posted to his Instagram:

“Life could be so much worse, if I die tomorrow I hope my family and friends know I got to live it to the fullest!”

Josh’s car will go on display at the California Automobile Museum on Sunday, Dec 21 as part of a celebration of his life from 2pm-6pm. Anyone may attend the event.

Friends are invited to donate on Josh’s behalf to Recycled Pets NorCal.

pivotCE would like send our deepest condolences to his family. webOS Nation forums user, Remy X, said it best:

“It’s hard to believe when [this type of thing] happens, takes a little while for it to sink in. […] Just like that, a life can be taken away, a reminder […] we should do more to make our time worthwhile, to share kindness, common sense and make good memories, not grudges.

Life is fragile…


Rest in peace, my friend. We’ll miss you.”

Top photo: Josh’s Instagram

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