The HP webOS app catalogue closes to purchases on the 1st of November 2014

Closing Down Sale

Just in case you haven’t noticed, the HP webOS app catalogue will close to new purchases at the end of the week: the 1st of November to be precise.

This is your last chance to buy apps from the catalogue. Don’t walk, run! Some developers will see a nice little boost in income in the next few weeks.

UPDATE: App Catalog downloads and purchases are all functioning properly again. webOS Nations forums user mazzinia believes they found the likely culprit. At any rate, HP figured it out. Only about 24 hours left to purchase apps. Hurry!

You will still have back ups and will be able to re-download what you have purchased until the 15th of January 2015 and the final shutdown, but you may as well take steps to create your own local back ups now. Read pivotCE’s previous article on the steps to take. Additionally, this more recent thread offers a way to back up what you already have on your device.

So, the obvious question: You want to make a ‘Supermarket Sweep’ of the app catalogue: What to buy?

Here is a recommendation thread. Don’t forget to add your own picks.

On this thread, users list what they have and are planning to get.

On webOS Nation, there are many app reviews you can trawl for opinions.

Those forums have been very busy with questions, suggestions and proposed solutions to the shutdown. Of course, there have been alternative app catalogue options for almost as long as webOS has been around, but nothing that can offer the commercial proposition that an app catalogue with payment features can. However, things are happening that may yet solve this problem for those developers that need to be paid for their work. Join in the discussion if you have a plan.

Examinations of HP app catalogue data suggest there are almost 11,000 apps available worldwide and you can find lists posted that you can sort as a spreadsheet in addition to searching the catalogue directly. It’s very unlikely that all these apps will find a new home – some are simply abandoned, some will be prevented by licensing issues.

So take a look, decide what you want and give a halloween treat to yourself and the developers who have supported webOS over the years.

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