Android in a Card (Pre3)

Android on webOS?
Image: Creative Commons

A lot of the buzz this year has been around the Application Compatibility Layer for the Touchpad which enables Android apps to run under webOS. It is hopefully close to official release and there is a possibility that if it is successful, the Pre3 may be its next destination. But until then, let’s say hello to our friends in the Russian Federation – particulary Nikolay Nizov. Would you like Android in a card on your Pre3?

Back in January, he put out a video of an early attempt to put Android (CM7/9) on webOS. From the Russian language,, reposted to webOS Nation, it appears his work has come to fruition. He now plans to write a guide and translate it to English. If you can speak Russian, perhaps you’d like to offer assistance with the translation. If you’re a coder, the code can be found here:

With ACL for webOS due for the Touchpad, it would be interesting to compare and contrast this effort. We will keep watching and if anyone wants to try it and report back, let us know about your experience.

5 thoughts on “Android in a Card (Pre3)”

  1. guys,

    can you tell me one reason why you dont simply use android instead of reviving this zombie (webos)?

    1. I try to remain open minded about mobile Operating Systems. I currently or recently use/have used Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone, Ubuntu Touch, Firefox OS… None of them come close to the intuitive, gesture driven UI – the heavyweight multitasking ability – and the Synergized confluence of data streams that webOS is capable of.

      Hardware and Apps are lacking, yes. But anything else STILL seems like a compromise. If you’ve not spent time on webOS you may not have ever experienced the pure satisfaction of your device simply and easily responding to your gesture driven input in a manner that requires no complicated learning curve and lengthy set-up. Other emerging OS choices, like Ubuntu Touch and Jolla’s Sailfish appear to be closer to the core “usability” concepts of webOS than either of the lead two OS choices: Android and iOS.

      WinPho is a bit closer, but it’s a walled garden similar to Apple products. That goes against another webOS standout trait. Customizability. Of any OS I’ve spent time on, none compare to webOS for ease of customizing the OS and “hackability.”

      When it all works it is smoother than “project butter” ever has been, is at least as customizable as Android ever proved to be and much more easily operated and tweaked.

  2. Because Android is just not as nice of an OS (UI, smoothness, productivity, etc.). And this is coming from someone who regretfully has been using a Galxy Nexus as my daily driver until I can get a Pre3 and supplement some Android apps on it.

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