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webOS 3.0.1 Axed Due to Bizarre ‘Date Bug’

webOS has long since passed from the battleground that is the mobile operating system atmosphere. It’s been four long years since the last official webOS version, 3.0.5 for the HP Touchpad was released. However, reports are now surfacing from former HP employees about an unreleased version of webOS that was axed by then-CEO Leo Apotheker due to a bizarre bug. We’ll tell you more past the jump!

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LuneOS Update Script

With all the progress that the LuneOS dev team has been making recently (For example, finally squashing a nasty browser bug, and allowing many legacy webOS apps to run), it’s important to keep up with the latest and greatest LuneOS builds. When it comes to Nexus devices, installing LuneOS is a simple matter of flashing the latest zip file using ClockworkMod, it was more complicated on the HP Touchpad… until now! Read on past the jump, and we’ll show you how to get the latest stable or nightly build of LuneOS in a jiffy.

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LuneOS August Stable Release: Caffè Crema

Over summer things always slow down a bit which is why we didn’t have a release last month. It’s about quality and because we basically had too many loose ends that needed fixing before we could push out a release we held off until this month. We’re very pleased to present you our latest monthly stable release, Caffè Crema or “Crema” for short.

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St. Louis webOS Meetup Recap

I’ve never met another webOS user. Well, not in person.

Ok, that’s a bit of a stretch. I got a Palm Centro back in the day when my Aunt still worked for Sprint. Cost me $100 back in 2008? 9? Somewhere around there. Anyway, I was using that until I met a guy with the original Palm Pre in 2010. I had no idea Palm had a new phone out. Seriously. Totally missed its launch. So did most of the world…I digress.

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The Pre 3 and HP TouchPad in 2014

During HP’s “Think Beyond” event, in addition to revealing the HP Veer, the company unveiled the latest and greatest from the new webOS Global Business Unit, which was in charge of both hardware and software engineering under their management. The devices they showed off would be the refined Pre 3 and the bulky yet powerful HP TouchPad.

The Pre 3 was for all intents and purposes, the best display of what HP’s resources could do for Palm and the G.B.U. It had a chance to both sway public opinion and make webOS competitive again from a hardware perspective, something that really hadn’t been seen since the launch of the original Pre. Sadly though, the device only saw release in the UK for the span of an entire day before HP announced the end of webOS hardware development. This made the Pre 3 both the most powerful, but also among the rarest of webOS smartphones (outside of the unreleased Windsornot & Mako concept phones). the Pre 3 was never officially released in the U.S., yet was sold through the HP store in California before being put on sites like Amazon and eBay to be sold off. The device was made for ATT and for Verizon, yet the latter device is a far less common variant.

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