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Chicago WebOS Meetup September 28th, 2014

Main image: From left: Sara, Chad, Keith and Marc. (Not pictured – George)

Here is a report from George Mari:

“Just for some background, we have been having our Chicago WebOS Meetup at the same local restaurant, Moretti’s in Schaumburg, IL, every 6 to 8 weeks, since August of 2011. Well, OK, some of the Meetups have been at other restaurants, but the vast majority have been here. I don’t remember what our record attendance was in the past, but I’ve been at several meetups where we’ve had at least 12 people. More recently the numbers have been down to about 4 or 6.

We usually order some food and drinks, and just talk about what’s been going on in the world of webOS, which sometimes in the past, was way too much to fit into one night of discussion!
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Chicago webOS meetup this Sunday

Now I should demote this announcement to the news crumbs section, but I’m going to give the organisers one more chance to send us some pictures, videos, write-ups…whatever!

It’s the latest webOS meetup and it’s happening this Sunday (28th September), 7pm at Moretti’s Ristorante and Pizzeria, Schamburg.

You can at least expect a demo of LuneOS! Maybe someone will load a webOS TV into the back of their car and bring it? As ever, you can bring along your phone & tablet collection and talk about all three types of webOS that now exist while eating pizza. Could there be a better night out?

Find the details and Sign up here or comment on the webOS Nation thread.

The team at pivotCE remind you that if you are planning a meet up, let us know! We are interested in promoting your events (it might even increase attendance!). We are also interested in reports and pictures from webOS events.

webOS meet up: San Francisco

With the recent news around webOS, it appears there has also been a slight resurgence of interest from the community in meeting each other – you know, in the actual flesh!

The webOS user is, perhaps always was, a rare creature. Spotting one is tough. A group together? Get out your video camera and record their strange rituals for posterity!

Recently, there were proposed meet ups in New York City & Chicago (details are frustratingly sparse). Our own esteemed editor, Alan Morford is drumming up interest for a meeting near Springfield, VA. Date TBC.

But for now, your best bet to catch those elusive webOS creatures grazing at the waterhole is near where webOS was created: San Francisco. If you live, work or are visiting the area, February the 4th is a day to enter into your calendar app. Timed to coincide with Apps world (There is talk of free passes), this is your chance to meet some of the people who actually develop the very system you are using! Here’s the link: post-CES/post-2014 Wrap-up! – webOS Meetup: SF Bay Area (San Francisco, CA) – Meetup. Bean Bird’s attendance is currently unconfirmed.

If you are organising or know of any webOS related events, pivotCE is interested to spread the word. Let us know!