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The LG Keynote at CES 2016

The start of each new year brings with it the Consumer Electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. We have posted an article about it for the last couple of years – since LG debuted their webOS televisions there. You may recall that it was Palm’s announcement and demonstration of the Palm Pre at the 2009 show that started all the fuss about webOS. Could LG maintain the excitement around their TVs?
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LG Surprises By Announcing 2014 webOS TVs Will Get 2.0


Oh the wailing and gnashing of teeth that happened when we found out LG’s 2014 webOS TVs wouldn’t be receiving webOS 2.0! So many gnashed teeth…all for naught. CNet reports LG will in fact push the 2.0 update out to 2014 webOS TVs.

Ok, it was just a rumor that the sets wouldn’t get the update but still…we don’t need any more bad news!

So everybody calm down. And someone send me a webOS TV. For real.


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News Crumbs – 8th April 2015

At this time of year the webOS toaster is popping up a lot of hot cross buns, but any time of year is the right time for toasted fruit buns! Let’s shake out some crumbs:

And we’re all done and ready to heat up more freshly baked webOS news. Farewell until next time!