Happy webOS Day

The 6th of June marks the annniversary of the first release of webOS to consumers. Released in 2009, it is now 5 years old and it is almost three years since HP ceased production of hardware. The OS itself was still developed for a time and this year we have seen the results. LG have produced the first televisions running the system and have already sold a million of the sets. Also the ‘Mochi/Eel’ redesign was open-sourced to the community. There are already a number of projects using this new look.

ACL’s bumpy ride to full release was accomplished and Touchpad users are exploring Android apps from several stores. There was also the AndroidChroot project for the Pre3.

The webOS-Ports team continue their work and the latest version can be built for the Nexus 4. As we eagerly await alpha 3, diligent developers continue to post on the forums updating and fixing apps and the system itself. 2014 has brought the best news for this sytem in a long while and we can hope for more between now and the next webOS anniversary.

Fresh news is thin on the ground at the moment. While we wait for the next big story, allow us to introduce Matthew Van Densen, our new volunteer writer. He will be presenting a new series looking at how the existing devices hold up in 2014. If you are thinking of returning to webOS or trying it for the first time, these articles should give you an idea of which device will suit you best.

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