PhoneDog Throwsback to the Palm Pre

Can you believe that it has been 5 years since the first Palm Pre was released? As part of their “Throwback Thursday” feature, PhoneDog readers voted for a review of the Palm Pre from 2009, which was duly carried out by the PhoneDog staff.  It’s a very interesting, honest review, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Ah the memories. Check it out here:

Stay tuned to pivotCE for our own “throwback” to webOS launch devices in two weeks.

7 thoughts on “PhoneDog Throwsback to the Palm Pre”

  1. Yeah…the Pre was pretty revolutionary!

    However, the references to the “trackball” on the Pre- are kind of funny and show that as much as the reviewer liked the Pre, he probably never used for any amount of time. Further proof to that is no mention of “Just Type,” Synergy, wave-launcher or the ability to manipulate cards (move, far view, etc.)…and no reference to the (still superior) available touchstone accessory.

    Until I got a Pre3, I used a Pre- for ~2 years. To this day, I’d rather use that than most (if not all) “modern day” phones because of its hardware (full keyboard) and more importantly, webOS.

  2. Yeah I got the same feeling that he didn’t use the phone. I don’t think everyone that use a Pre will love it but it’s pretty clear from some of what he said that not only was he incorrect on his data but that he also was making assumptions about things without experience.

  3. I concur, the apps were “sort of running in the background” spoken like a true iPhone fan, the guy did not have a clue about webOS’s true multitasking and indeed I don’t think he ever used it as a day to day handset.

    You got used to the keyboard size with use. I didn’t watch it all the way to the end he does not have a broadcasters voice lol 😀

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